The 4 Psychological Reasons The Perfect Persuader Video Book System Creates Such Magical Sales Results

The Perfect Persuader is an automated (offline) video presentation system in the form of a custom branded video in a brochure, a hardcover book or folder that
SURPRISES & DELIGHTS Prospects and Techs by automatically playing
your message the second the customer opens it.


Surprise and Delight – “I’ve NEVER seen anything like this!”

The Perfect Persuader System – has something UNIQUE,
YOU CAN’T GET with traditional video presentations.


In 99 out of 100 cases its unique “auto-play” feature literally changes your prospect’s “State of Mind” and makes them feel surprised and delighted with what they are holding in their hands.


That surprise instantly triggers curiosity, excitement, and wonder in their brains and makes them amazingly receptive and interested in your message


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Why this Kicks Ass!

WHY the Perfect Persuader’s “Unique Surprise Engagement Factor” Kicks Ass Over Written Brochures and Videos on Your Website! A Brief Product Description The Perfect Persuader



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