There are 4 types of presentations you may want to consider:


Creating an “Instant Buying Motive” for your product or services.
“Social Proof” people love your solution, like testimonials, reviews, awards.
“Showing your proven solution” working, or explaining WHY it works so well.
Showing your companies “BIGGER Mission” for a charity, cause or community.

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Who handles the design?

We will provide you with a design template, so you can set up your design accordingly. If you need design assistance, we got your back, we have an award-winning marketing team who can design your project and even help you write copy.

Who handles video production?

Most clients supply their own video(s). However, we can handle every aspect of video production; from design strategy to design, copywriting, images and graphics, on-location video shoots, online client interviews for testimonials and video editing to make this a painless task, and get you up and running ASAP!

How do I access the free resources?

To access your free HVAC resource sales kit, just goto resources page and fill in the registration form to get instant access to our sales library.

How do I order the Perfect Persuader?

Schedule a fact-finding call with the Owner and CEO of HVAC Perfect Pursuader, Devin Herz to review specs, features and cost. Also recieve an HVAC Perfect Persuader example to experience it for yourself.