How KGG Uses Perfect Persuader

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The Company:

  • KGG Consulting, a premier HVAC Manufacturer’s Rep Agency needed a cost effective solution that would result in significantly more sales, for a client’s “Total Home Air Purification System,” by educating consumers on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and getting technicians to make more presentations.

The Product to Be Sold: The Dust Free® Active Air Purifier

  • A compact, duct mounted, air purifier that is effective at reducing dust, dander, VOC’s, germs, odors and other allergens, from the indoor air. The system utilizes ionic oxidation, negative ionization, and UV-C light to purify the air and surfaces. Installed into the supply plenum of the HVAC system.
  • Technicians would have the product in their truck, for immediate installation.

The Primary Sales Method:

  • Sold as an upsell or add-on by the technician; who was already in the customer’s home to make repairs or perform maintenance and service on the existing HVAC system.

The Challenges We Had to Overcome:

  1. Grabbing the homeowner’s attention, and then showing them WHY they needed to be concerned about indoor air quality in their home. (Brochures were NOT creating a compelling buying motive.)
  1. Getting the Technician sales trained AND then motivated to consistently use their training to engage the homeowner in a discussion about indoor air quality.
  1. Teaching the Technician how to educate the customer on the NEED for the product.
  1. Getting the Technician to consistently make a presentation on every service call, to affect a sale.

The Results:

Before – the DMC Perfect Persuader Solution: 10% closing rate

After    – the DMC Perfect Persuader Solution: 50% closing rate.

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